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Parties: This is an agreement between Property Owner/Manager hereinafter called CLIENT and Booking With Ease and TripAngle, LLC, hereafter called TRIP.

Term of Agreement:  This Agreement shall commence on the date each property is listed with TRIP.  This agreement shall automatically renew on a month to month basis until listing is made Inactive by CLIENT.

Certification:  CLIENT certifies that he or she is the legal owner/manager of the described property and has the authority to enter into this Agreement.

CLIENT Obligations:

1. Client has the right to add TRIP reservation tab on each site owned by CLIENT.  This keeps all records in order for CLIENT through your TRIP dashboard.

2. CLIENT agrees to block out only available dates online for family use.  If CLIENT property is vacant on TRIP and iCal sites, booking will be honored by CLIENT.

3. CLIENT is responsible for everything regarding their rental.

4. CLIENT understands with TripAngle collecting rental income, we will deduct 7% and directly deposit into your account two days after guest's arrival.  Email us to have your rental income directly depsotied into your account as soon as reservation is made at a lower rate than our 7% fee. 

TRIP obligation to CLIENT:

1. TRIP will facilitate a 24-hour booking process including: Online advertising on and provide other templates for the CLIENT’S use.

2. CLIENT assumes responsibility regarding managing their property.

Indemnity:   CLIENT agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless TRIP, its agents, employees or contractors from all claims, demands, actions for damages, and the costs incurred (attorney’s fees, court costs, claims, etc.) brought as the result of any injuries or damages sustained by CLIENT or Renters on the Property due to any defect or condition of the Property.
CLIENT also agrees to indemnify TRIP against any claims made by any person on the Property that result from activities of TRIP, its employees, agents or contractors undertaken at the request of the CLIENT or in accordance with TRIP obligations under this agreement.  The agreement to Indemnify survives the termination of this agreement for any claim made
during the time the agreement was in force.

Entire Agreement: This document constitutes the entire agreement between the parties.  This agreement may be amended only by making CLIENT listing INACTIVE.  All bookings generated through TRIP must be honored.

Applicable Law:
This Agreement is entered in the County of Nueces and the State of Texas, and it is hereby agreed that the provisions hereof shall be interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of Texas, and that the proper jurisdiction and venue for any action pertaining to the interpretation or enforcement of this Agreement shall be Nueces County District Courts after resolution is attempted. If the attempts at resolution are not successful then the matter will be settled in the District Courts of Nueces County, Texas.

This agreement is effective immediately once your listing goes live on TripAngle (TRIP).


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