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Lowering the cost for renters and owners
As much as the idea of travelling on a vacation sounds great, the expenses involved can be quite discouraging for people, particularly for those planning to travel on a low budget. From transportation and shopping fees to accommodation and food costs, undertaking a fun adventure like a vacation comes at a cost.

Little wonder, many well-meaning individuals or families have had to perish the thought of holidaymaking or simply resort to lesser outings within their immediate communities. I have also been a victim of this deprivation. My mother told me that she wished she could have taken me on vacations many times during childhood days if the accommodation fees were not too high. She passed when I was only 16, and not being able to build those lasting memories with her has always stuck with me. That is why me and my team set out to help others to be able to build these memories with their loved ones since life is short and should be enjoyed.

The thought was simple, lower the overhead and workload to the owners, while lowering the cost of travel to their guests. While thinking of ways to keep vacation costs down, I came up with an idea of building an online marketplace for those looking to save, while enjoying the same high-quality rentals. We are connecting the owners of these beautiful properties directly with our travelers.

With this kind of arrangement, visitors and owners will save themselves the high cost of accommodations taken by other booking sites. This will allow our travelers to enjoy more amenities on their vacation. I believe once the issue of accommodation is sorted out, visitors will be able to travel more often and have more money to enjoy all the local attractions.

Our platform is a "Plug and Play" system which owners can use along with all other travel sites like Airbnb and VRBO with zero risk. Owners/hosts have the luxury of using all our tools and widgets such as search by availability, custom reservation tools, calendars, and lots more. Whatever the owners' needs or wants are, our system is 100% customizable.

We set out to give owners/hosts using our platform more control, peace of mind and make more money while making their guests happier. Listing sites like Airbnb charges such high booking fees to both owners and travelers when they do nothing more than advertising. Our platform allows owners to charge a much smaller booking fee which is directly paid to them by their guests. The owners/hosts are doing all the work, and take on all the responsibilities, therefore should be the ones collecting this fee. Our services are geared towards reducing both the owners and guests' costs and allow the travelers to enjoy our high-quality rentals at a fraction of the cost.

We even offer our own personal mail chimp, accounting, and scheduling for owners to run their short-term rentals much easier. If the owners accept credit cards, we offer all our services free. If not, we only charge 5%, and that accounts for credit card fees.

Our platform is fully automated, simple to use, and customized with owners' needs in mind. Owners/hosts can not only sign up quickly and easily but cater to a guests' request effortlessly if any adjustments are needed to be made.

Even if an owner doesn't want to utilize any of our unique features, they can still use us for free advertising on some of our many travel sites such as,, and

Another distinct feature of our platform lies in the fact the host and guest can receive each other's contact info even before a booking is confirmed, thus giving both parties more control. This will enable the two parties to talk freely and answer any questions the travelers have before booking their rental. Since those other listing sites charge high booking fees, they will not allow this communication until the guest has paid, as those sites do not want their fee bypassed.

To save our owners/hosts even more money, we offer a free web site that can be edited through their TripAngle dashboard. If owner/host already has a website, then we offer custom built widgets, such as reservation tabs for their website with their logo at the top. Our owners/hosts can upload any document they want signed by their guest with an E-Signature. Taking away the inconvenience of printing and filing any signed documentation. We also offer all travelers double the insurance at half the cost, to give both parties complete peace of mind. Once a reservation is made, a customer's receipt will be sent to the applicant guest. The receipt will bear the host's logo at the top of the document with check-in instructions as opposed to having the Airbnb logo on the top.



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